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Do you have a question about franchising? The How Do I... Everything Franchising series addresses franchise related questions in an effort to help you make a smart choice in franchising. Our franchise experts tackle questions about financing, operating your franchise, hiring, making the right choice, home based opportunities, marketing and more.

How much does it cost to open a SUBWAY franchise? Steps to ownership?

Are you qualified to own a SUBWAY® franchise? Today, SUBWAY® has more than 45,000 global franchise locations. In fact, the SUBWAY® franchise system is the #1 Quick Service »

Franchise Owners Rank The Best Franchise Systems to Own 2016

First-hand experience when it comes to rating a franchise system may be the most important factor of all. In fact, there is a very little difference whether your rating the »

Franchising Mailbag June 2016

The Franchising Mailbag for June 2016, presented a number of challenging questions related to franchising opportunities across America. At America's Best Franchises, we're »

Why Is It That Jimmy John's Franchisees Are So Successful?

If you're unfamiliar with Jimmy John's it is a restaurant franchise that features gourmet deli sandwiches, fresh baked breads and ancillary other food and beverage products.  »

Owning a ANDY OnCall Franchise Might Change Your Life

Everyday, I hear someone say they hate their job. Or, they comment on how they would love to own their own business. Making the decision to leave Corporate America and take »

What Does the Franchisor Get From a Franchise?

When you’re looking for the ideal franchise business, you're naturally thinking about what’s in it for you. Can you replace your current salary with income from your franchise? »

How to Know If You’re Ready to Start a Franchise Business

Starting your own business is exciting, satisfying, scary, and a long appearing dream before the aspiring entrepreneur finally takes the step of signing a contract or writing a check. According to recent »

How Does Your Franchise Handle Disastrous Circumstances?

March 13, 2013 - Choosing a franchise business opportunity requires careful research into the franchise to make sure that it’s a good opportunity and a good fit for you. One thing you might »

How Do I Know if a Franchise System Is Competitive

March 10, 2013 - How do I know my franchise system of choice will be competitive in my marketplace? You've had business success in a long time career but have decided to retire and start »

How Do I Know What Separates a Successful Franchise System From An Also-ran?

What separates a successful franchise business from an also-ran? You've had business success in a long time career but have decided to retire and start a new business venture. You researched multiples »

What Can I Expect When I Request Information From a Franchise System?

Interested in Buying a Franchise? When you request information from a particular franchise opportunity or multiples of opportunities, what happens next? One of our website visitors shared her experiences »

What Should I Consider When Buying A Franchise With a Family Member?

Franchising with a family member is definitely a consideration. Often small businesses are started up with family members. History is littered with examples of both massive failure and massive successes »

How Do I Know If A Women's Fitness Opportunity Is a Good Fit For Me?

Is a women's fitness opportunity a good fit for you? There is just no way around it, a health franchise dedicated exclusively to women's fitness is a great idea. Every year, the percentage of Americans »

Is It a Good Time to Buy a Health & Wellness Franchise?

Now is the Time for a Health & Wellness Franchise. Franchising can be a marvelous way to strike out on your own and become your own boss. It is tough to pass up the fact that someone has already »

Searching for the Franchise of Your Dreams

What is the ideal Franchise? Whether it's burgers and fries at McDonald's or a Subway Franchise or an Automobile Franchise, people all around the world with entrepreneurial spirit are trading their »

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