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How much does it cost to open a SUBWAY franchise? Steps to ownership?

Are you qualified to own a SUBWAY® franchise? Today, SUBWAY® has more than 45,000 global franchise locations. In fact, the SUBWAY® franchise system is the #1 Quick Service Restaurant chain in the world. Franchising since 1974, Subway has become one of the world's most recognized franchise brands.

How Much Does It Cost To Own a Subway Franchise?

Start-up costs at Subway are actually lower than most food franchise concepts. The initial franchise fee is $15,000. The total investment can range from $105,800 to $393,600+. Typically, Subway will recommend aspiring franchise owners have half the total investment in liquid cash (non-borrowed funds) and finance the other half.

Subway is flexible with their locations and can boast an operation that is easy-to-run. Royalty fees are 12.5% every week (gross sales minus the sales tax); 8% goes toward the franchise royalties and 4.5% goes towards advertising.

Does Subway® offer financing?

They offer an equipment leasing program and also work with companies that help secure financing for our new franchisees.

Steps You Need to Take to Own a Subway Franchise

First, complete the contact information form by clicking the bar below:

Within 24-48 hours a Subway team member will send you an introductory email followed up by an initial telephone call. Your initial discussion will be about your ability to financially qualify for a Subway franchise and a little bit about your background. Basically, the initial call is to determine if an investment in the Subway franchise system is a good fit for both of you. If Subway appears to be the right choice and you want to move forward, you'll begin the following steps to ownership:

1. Submit a Franchise Application.
2. Meet Local Development Agent
3. Review Disclosure Document
4. Conduct Local Research
5. Secure Financing
6. Sign Franchise Agreement
7. Attend Training
8. Secure a Location and Build Your Restaurant
9. Celebrate Grand Opening

*Average time to opening is about 7 months.

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