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America's Best Franchises is a franchise opportunity web portal that will become your TOP lead generation provider and your results driven partner to achieve your sales goals online. Since 2005, our team has been providing the most innovative business and franchise portal for lead generation by implementing all the right tools to provide your brand with a smarter and more effective place to allocate your advertising budget. REST ASSURED, WE WILL IMPLEMENT A COST EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING PACKAGE TO SUIT YOUR BRAND AND OFFER THE GREATEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT IN THE INDUSTRY!


"We have had fantastic and immediate success with America's Best Franchises. Within our first TWO MONTHS we signed our first franchisee. Our return on investment has been OUTSTANDING and look forward to even more sales for the remainder of 2016. Keep up the good work!"
Scott A. Kummel - Touching Hearts

"I wanted to pass on some positive feedback - prior to working with you to target specific franchises I was using the standard lead procedures to generate leads and was not experiencing great success. Since I made the decision to use America’s Best Franchises as one of my primary marketing tools to target specific franchises my lead generation and success rate has improved immeasurably. It's been a great tool and was a great decision. Thanks very much for all your help. It’s really appreciated."
Carl Grossman - Quality Franchising

We are very pleased with the results! ABF is a class act portal - clearly demonstrated in their customer service, sales transparency as well as technical support. The leads (or clicks) they have delivered is on the same vein. Quality click-throughs from our profile on ABF has sent our web leads through the roof! We respect the realistic expectations ABF set in the beginning and continue to appreciate their reasonable pricing and unmatched service.
Lizi Fetter - Young Rembrandts

"The results we've seen thus far have been fantastic. Thank you America's Best Franchises for offering this program. We aim to continue advertising with you on your program for years to come."
~Thomas Scott – Franchise Performance Group (Multiple Brands)

"America's Best Franchises' leads are, BY FAR, the best I’ve gotten from 5 portals. I do not know how you do what you do, but I plan on dropping several other portals in the budget and stick with you guys!"
~Mariel Miller - Baby’s Badass Burgers

"Starting with leads from this past July, we closed just over $100K in gross commissions on America's Best Franchises' leads and have a few more above the line. Looks like the economic conditions are changing in our favor!"
~The Franchise Group

"We currently advertise on 15 or more websites in the industry and have found that America's Best Franchises is our TOP SOURCE for quantity and even more important quality leads. The team at ABF does a fantastic job in delivering high quality leads that turn into sales. Not only this, but ABF is extremely proactive with our campaign to make sure that we're getting the best ROI and has been vital to our company success. Thank you ABF for everything you do to help our company succeed!"
~Jerry Lotterstein - The Drug Test Consultant

"We have been advertising on America's Best Franchises for less than 2 months and have already signed a new franchisee! The return on investment is astounding. The lead quality is refreshing and, given the state of the current economic environment, didn't expect to see results so quickly. Thanks Chris and America's Best Franchises for the great job in helping us expand our company! We believe we will be advertising with ABF for years to come!"
~Joe - New York Bagel Cafe & Deli

"Of the 23 sources that we currently utilize for lead generation, America's Best Franchises is one of our TOP 3 in regard to lead quality, with quality being defined as our highest percentage of leads progressing to profile and our lowest cost per sale - one of our Food industry clients has seen 3 sales in their first 61 leads from America's Best Franchises! Keep up the good work for us!!!"
~David Gollahon - Franchise In-Sites (Multiple Brands)

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