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Join Max Muscle...a franchise system
with over 20 years experience in a $22 Billion industry.

If you're looking for a business that combines your passion for healthy living with the opportunity to help people achieve their health and fitness goals...

MAX MUSCLE may be the franchise business you've been looking for!

When you think of owning your own franchise, one of the first things you nervously think about is, “Do I have what it takes…?” or “Can I really be successful at this?

At the same time you’re thrilled about the limitless possibilities of owning your own franchise like:

  • The freedom you’ll have to grow your own business
  • Not having to answer to a micro-managing boss
  • Making decisions for yourself – no matter how big or small
  • Having no restrictions on making all the money you want, as fast as you want
  • Plus a number of other pulse-pounding potential benefits that bring a smile to your face
But the truth is… Whether you feel you have what it takes or not, you don’t have to go it alone…

Max Muscle® Sports Nutrition, a leader in the sports nutrition industry since 1991, takes pride in the tremendous investment we’ve made to make sure our franchisees are catapulted to success.

We’ve dedicated time, attention and resources to make sure we have the plug-n-play marketing, operations and sales support systems that enable our franchisees to hit the ground running. Apparently, it works great! Why? Because we are still growing and having lots of fun doing so… Now it’s your turn!!! Are you ready???

Here’s something I’m sure you’ve thought about…When you look at a franchise business, obviously there are a few items to consider.

For instance, you’ll look closely at:

  • The products or services you’d be offering – does the business provide an ethical product or service that’s good for humanity? Max Muscle produces and distributes its own line of well-recognized, high-quality sports nutrition, weight loss and general nutrition supplements. We also sell a complete line of workout and casual wear for today's active consumer.
  • The brand name recognition of the company – is the company recognized in the industry as a reputable organization / business? Max Muscle brand has earned a reputation for producing and selling superior and reliable quality products within the sports nutrition industry.
  • Flexible entry points to owning your own franchise – does the company’s franchise acquisition model fit my financial budget? Max Muscle® offers three different levels of entry into its growing enterprise to meet your business goals:
    • First, there’s the Single Store Location offering - This offering allows you to own a single store in a city anywhere across the U.S.
    • Second, there’s the Multiple-store Location offering - If you have a desire for even more rapid growth, you can choose to own multiple locations across the U.S.
    • Third, there’s the Regional Director offering - This offering allows you to invest in developing an entire territory. Anyone desiring to open a franchise in a geographic area you are developing has to go through you as the “head honcho” in order to do so.
  • And best of all, a front-end marketing engine – does the company offer a proven, plug-n-play marketing system that sends customers to my local store? Max Muscle® offers a well honed, proven marketing system that’ll help you build, retain and grow your customer base.

Now, let’s recap on what Max Muscle® has to offer you:

  • Financial independence by owning and growing your own business
  • Freedom to multiply your investment
  • Full fledge control over a proven, plug-n-play marketing engine that’ll help you build, retain and grow your customer base
  • Unlimited growth potential in a wide range of national and international markets
  • High quality products featuring multiple product lines to generate substantial revenues
  • Hands-on support with territory, site selection and build out
  • A strong internationally recognized brand in an industry that's gaining strength every year
  • Ongoing support and training that keeps you informed of all the latest and greatest information
  • Plus so much more…
It’s time for you to take action!! Here lies the key to your freedom, financial success and your opportunity to join Max Muscle® Sports Nutrition as we continue to gain loyal customers throughout the country and the world.

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