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How to Find the Perfect Food Franchise Opportunity for You

Do you love eating out? Consider yourself a foodie? If you’re looking for a type of franchise to open, a food franchise opportunity might be for you.

Food franchises are among the most stable and fastest growing industries for franchising, which means there’s plenty of opportunity for you to make a profit.

Still, you might easily be overwhelmed with the sheer number of food franchise opportunities available to you. You’ve got fast food, coffee shops, full-service restaurants, fast casual, and many, many other categories to consider. You’ve also likely got a lot of other questions you want answered before you dive into signing a franchise agreement.

Let’s look at some of the things you need to consider to determine what type of food franchise is right for you.

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Which Coffee Franchise Is Right for You?

Coffee_by_ram_photographyOnce you’ve decided that it’s not too late to buy a coffee franchise, you’re still faced with a large number of choices among coffee franchises.

  • Bad Ass Coffee Franchises –  Catering to the 18-30 crowd, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii is the leader of the Kona coffee movement. Serving up only 100% American grown Kona coffee, Bad Ass Coffee franchises get plenty of specific guidance as part of the franchise business plan, from how to make the wide range of drink offerings available to the décor and layout of the retail location. For franchisees looking for premium offerings with a strict plan for success, Bad Ass Coffee is a franchise to consider.
  • Maui Wowi Hawaiian –  Joining Bad Ass Coffee in the Hawaiian coffee movement, Maui Wowi Hawaiian provides some unique solutions to getting great coffee to the masses with franchise options for a range of locations. With retail locations, mobile carts, tow-along stands, or more permanent kiosks, Maui Wowi makes sure that wherever franchisees have a dream of opening a Maui Wowi Hawaiian, they can do it. The options for locations are endless — enabling franchisees to apply the Maui Wowi Hawaiian franchise to multiple locations.
  • Cafe2U –  Even more mobile than other franchises, Cafe2U is a mobile-only coffee franchise that operates out of a specialized mobile café. Perfect for visiting corporate campuses, events, and pretty much anywhere franchisees can drive their cafes, Cafe2U franchisees operate a fully home-based business without any employees to manage. For individuals looking for a one-person business with a simple approach, Cafe2U is a good option to consider.
  • Sertinos Coffee –  For franchisees who have always dreamed of an earth-toned café with overstuffed chairs and the aroma of coffee wafting out to attract customers, Sertinos Coffee franchises are an ideal option. With décor and menu requirements, Sertinos provides a traditional franchise approach to a traditional coffee shop with high quality offerings and training. For franchisees who think of a coffee franchise as a café, Sertinos might be the one.
  • All The Perks –  Franchisees are allowed to customize to their heart’s extent at All The Perks franchise locations. For franchisees who want the freedom to get creative, All The Perks offers a different sort of approach. Franchisees receive training and assistance to start their franchise and develop it with the guidance of All The Perks for low continued rates. For the funky and eclectic franchise owner who wants help but doesn’t want restrictions, All The Perks is the better coffee option.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it makes the point: once you’ve chosen a type of franchise, you will probably still need to decide among a lot of options. Be sure to think about what’s important to you as a business owner, be it mobility, high quality products and services, a traditional route to success, or opportunities to be creative. Your personal preferences, your market, and your specific goals for the franchise should all inform your final decision.

Is It Too Late To Buy A Coffee Franchise?

BY BILL BRADLEY | October 17, 2012

The answer to the question, most certainly, may depend on your community demographic i.e. number of specialty coffee franchises and/or businesses in your desired location. It may even depend on your willingness to compete against the dominant Starbucks brand around the corner. Did you know Starbucks has almost 13,000 stores in the United States alone?

It is apparent, the coffee industry as of 2012, is highly competitive. Almost everywhere you look, whether its in a coffee shop or a fast food restaurant, a 7-Eleven, a donut shop or even a gas station, coffee is being sold to consumers. The good news is that 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee everyday.

Coffee Drinking Statistics:

  • Average price for cup of brewed coffee – $1.38
  • Total amount of cups of coffee (9 ounces) a coffee drinker consumes daily – 3.1 cups
  • Total average of money spent on coffee each year by coffee drinker – $164.71
  • Total number of U.S. daily coffee drinkers – 100 million
  • Total number of U.S. daily coffee drinkers who drink specialty beverages (lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, etc.) – 30 million
  • Total percentage of coffee drinkers who drink 13 or more cups of coffee each week – 24%
  • Total amount of yearly money spent on specialty coffee in the U.S. – $18 billion

Source: Live Sciene, Coffee 4 Dummies, Coffee Research
Date Verified: 7.31.2012

Are Coffee Franchises Recession-Resistant?

Despite rising coffee prices and a recession beginning in 2008, coffee sales continue to stay pretty stable. In fact, The State of the Coffee Service Industry Report in the 12-month period ending in July of 2011 found aggregate sales rebounded from a 10 percentage point decline in the prior two years by five points in 2011, driven by product price increases. The 2010/2011 report found an unprecedented 88 percent of operators raised prices in the 12-month period. So, there is no doubt the demand for coffee as compared to other food products in an economic downturn is quite consistent.

The National Coffee Association (NCA) annual coffee trends study also indicates coffee consumption held study during the recession. In 2011, the study found 40 percent of those 18 to 24 years old said they drink coffee daily, up from 31 percent in 2010 and on par with 2009’s 40 percent. For those 25 to 39 years old, 54 percent said they drink coffee daily, up from 44 percent in 2010 and ahead of 2009’s 53 percent.

Examining Today’s Coffee Entrepreneur

Coffee franchise owners, as a whole, are more professional, more sophisticated entrepreneurs than we have seen in the past. The mom and pop operators, for the most part, are a vision of the past. The new coffee entrepreneur is more in tune with his customer needs while displaying advanced delivery systems for a wide variety of coffee products that meet the tastes of the customer. Today’s coffee entrepreneur is ROI aware, making profitable choices when it comes to serving specialty coffees at least 15 hours everyday.

Coffee franchises offer proven business models including advanced delivery systems and an array of in demand coffee drinks that meet customer desires. They offer a complete package that includes an operating system, marketing programs and assistance with store location and design.

Preview some of our coffee franchise opportunities and complete the no-obligation form on the overview to receive more detailed information about owning a coffee franchise business.