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Just One Franchise: Kitchen Tune-Up

tuneup1Kitchen cabinets get a serious workout day in and day out, but they don’t wear out, so they rarely get replaced. Dave Haglund, a custom cabinet builder, enjoyed sharing his customers’ excitement over their new cabinetry, but he knew what they meant when they said, “I wish wish I could keep my cabinets looking new forever.”

It was this kind of comment that inspired Haglund to develop the Kitchen Tune-Up, a service that helps well-worn cabinets look like new again. Haglund’s special wood renewal process was perfect for a franchise business opportunity, so the Kitchen Tune-Up expanded into franchises across the country. Now, after more than two decades, Kitchen Tune-Up offers not only the original tune-up, but also redooring, refacing, and complete custom cabinet work for kitchens and bathrooms at locations across the country.

The four service options, each of which is described clearly at the company’s corporate website, come in at different price points, giving franchisees a natural way to serve different markets in their service area. The services are appropriate for both residential and commercial customers, and franchisees can expect repeat business from customers who live their kitchens and want the same results in bathrooms and perhaps in laundry rooms, business break rooms, and other spaces with cabinets.

Since the company was born of a custom cabinetry shop, it’s natural that the focus should be on skill and quality. New franchisees begin with a home study course, then spend five days in class learning how to succeed with a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise, with 12 weeks of follow up training, and ongoing support and learning.

Training includes the processes and systems, but new franchisees learn about cash flow and budgeting, too. The company also provides business coaching, marketing plans, web pages at the corporate website, sales aids and samples, proprietary software to manage the business, and a supportive community. The size of the company means that the franchise has significant buying power which translates to bargains for franchisees, in materials and also in clothing, literature, and other needed supplies.

Kitchen Tune-Up promises a set of “trustpoints” that give customers confidence:


  1. We guarantee our estimates.
  2. We guarantee our work.
  3. We arrive on time.
  4. We clean the work area daily.
  5. We return messages within 24 hours.
  6. We strive for harmony with your daily routine.
  7. We tell you what we’re doing before we do it.
  8. We listen carefully, tell it straight and keep our promises.

This set of promises also helps define the ideal franchisee for a Kitchen Tune-Up business. Highly motivated people with a strong desire to serve customers and the ability to manage both time and money well can learn the system, even if they don’t have previous experience with home renovations. Depending on their state and local requirements, however, franchisees might face licensing regulations that require prior experience.

The initial investment is $39,995, and financing is available. Franchisees should expect to spend one to three months getting their business from concept to reality.

Handyman Franchises

drywallHandyman franchise businesses speak to the modern busy home owner or business person. There was a time when most American dads could fix the plumbing, repair the steps, or replace an appliance, and they taught their sons to do so, too. This is no longer the case. Not only are many handyman jobs more complex than they used to be, they’re also not what the modern guy wants to do on the weekend.

Calling a handyman is the obvious choice, and that makes it a great choice for people who want to invest in a franchise business now.

Handyman franchise businesses bring up a question, though. You might not consider opening a tax preparation service without the special software and training a franchise offers, but couldn’t you just by some tools and hire out as a handyman? Why would you want to invest in a franchise when you might be able to open up your own handyman service with a lower investment?

Here’s why:

  • You don’t have to do all the work yourself. Franchises like HandyPro are built on an executive model, so you run the business, rather than just strapping on a tool belt and getting to work. Working in your business as well as on it is very likely to mean you don’t have time to manage and grow it the way you need to in order to see the success you want. 
  • National name recognition builds trust. Handymen go into someone’s home. That means that trust is key. This can be particularly significant in the mind of a female homeowner who is allowing a strange man into her home. Calling an individual feels completely different from calling Handyman Connection, a national company with an established name. Of course, over time you’ll develop trust with your clients, but the franchise option lets you start with it.
  • Marketing support gets you up and running fast. A typical handyman relies on word of mouth for business. A job or two works up to more jobs, and somewhere along the way the business earns enough to pay for a little bit of marketing (or it fails). Fresh Coat Painters starts their franchisees off with a website, social media, and public relations, from the beginning.
  • Forget trial and error. A franchise like Mr. Handyman  comes with a tried-and-true system and special management software that makes it easy for you to succeed from the beginning. Every business takes time to become profitable and to get well down in the community, but a franchise lets you hit the ground running.
  • You can specialize. It’s well known that specialists can charge more and often get more business than general handymen. However, starting up as a specialist can be very difficult unless you already have the knowledge and connections that justify that higher price. A franchise like Groutsmith or HomeStory Door Replacement puts you in that enviable position from the start.

It’s hard for an individual handyman to compete with the professional, polished, well managed franchise operations. Why not be the owner of the franchise instead of the one competing with it?

Home Improvement Franchises Have Some Real Advantages

Global-Garage-blog-imageWe asked Lance Jensen, CEO of Global Garage Flooring & Design, to detail for our ABF blog subscribers, the real advantages to considering a Home Improvement Franchise.  Following are his comments:

Home Improvement Franchises:

Home Improvement Franchises have some real advantages to them.

Low Investment:      These are usually home based mobile businesses.  They require some tools, a truck or trailer, a franchise and some start-up capital.  What they don’t require is the thing that makes some other franchises expensive.  That is land and building to house the business.  You can operate them out of a home office and maybe a storage unit.

Quick Start-Up           Finding a “good” piece of real-estate, remodeling it, hiring a lot of employees and getting everything else ready to start a business takes time, often years to accomplish.  With Home Improvement Franchises, most typically, you don’t have to concern yourself with the real-estate aspect of the start-up phase.  This lets you get a business up and running in a matter of weeks or months rather than years.

Industry Choice:       There are many different industries the home improvement business can be applicable too.  It has become more than just janitorial and handyman franchises.  Some examples are Garage Franchises, Remodeling, Painting, Junk-Hauling, Book Keeping, and Disaster Clean-Up to name a few.

Skill Sets:                   Home Improvement Franchises often lead towards the “Executive Style” of businesses where you “work on your business and not in your business.”  Because business doesn’t walk thru the front door like in a restaurant you have to go out and get that business.  Make sure you are comfortable with the sales and marketing side of business.  A person who wants to do the sales and marketing themselves and hire and supervise the operations side of the business is usually a good fit.  If you want to do the operations side of the business and hire out the marketing and sales side you probably won’t find a good fit in Home Improvement Franchises.

Fun:                            These businesses are often a lot of fun.  You have few employees, operate out of your home, make a big difference in your clients lives and homes and you’re not tied down to one location; but can move around as your clients are all over town.  It’s the freedom itself that makes these fun.

Growth:                      Growth is usually achievable by increasing your sales and marketing efforts.  This growth can be quite dramatic as there are few limits on how much business you can handle.  More business can be accommodated by adding equipment and employees.  It doesn’t take another building or a whole new operation.

For the entrepreneur who wants a low investment, few employees, likes sales and marketing, is looking for some fun and wants to grow a big business one truck, trailer or car at a time Home Improvement may be the place to look.

About Global Garage Flooring:

Global Garage Flooring & Design,,  was founded in Denver, CO in 2005.  This unique and proven franchise concept uses patented, proprietary products that are superior to the industry standard and make it possible for franchisees to complete a garage re-finish in only one day.

Lance Jensen, CEO, is an experienced franchise professional looking for qualified franchisees throughout the United States.