Max My Customers


Max My Customers

Strong Residual Income Year to Year!

No Overhead – No Employees – No Ongoing Royalty – Small Investment

Today, every business in America has to have an email and digital marketing strategy. From Headquarters, MMC will launch a turn-key email and digital marketing program for the clients you bring in. Our Secret Sauce is a 200 million email data base that has every business’s exact qualified prospects.

Top 10 Reasons To Own A Max My Customers Business:

  • No Overhead – all of our “Coaches” work from home
  • No Employees – you can create a very strong Executive Level Income without employees
  • Monday through Friday – all of your clients are business owners
  • No dealing with the general public
  • No ongoing fees what so ever! No royalties - no marketing fees. The only way we make money is if YOU make money
  • We market your business for you in your protected territory
  • No competition – we are the only company that provides turn-key email and digital marketing to small businesses using a 200 million contact data base
  • Easy to sell – at just $500 per month nearly every business can afford it
  • Every client is $3000 a year in your pocket (with no overhead) What if you brought in one new client a week?
  • Our clients renew from year to year, creating strong residual income for you and an asset that has value

Max My Customers Business Owners Focus On:

  • You sign up businesses as your clients
  • You coordinate email and digital proven marketing programs with HQ and your clients
  • You maintain the client relationship

Why Max My Customers

There is no other company that provides turn-key email and internet marketing to the overburdened small and medium size business owners. You literally have no competition and our pricing to your clients is so inexpensive that typically the first customer/client we bring them more than pays for our services. Who can say no to that? Max My Customers provides email and other internet/digital marketing for small and medium size businesses. We do all the marketing programs and technical 'stuff' from headquarters (no heavy marketing or computer skills needed at all); you obtain clients and nurture the client contact. We even market your exclusive territory for you.

Max My Customers Coaching Opportunity

  • Protected exclusive territory
  • Small initial investment
  • We market your business and drive prospects to you
  • Super support from headquarters setting up and maintaining clients
  • No employees
  • No money to collect from clients
  • Build an Executive level compensation quickly
  • Start your Coaching business full or part-time

Are you interested in owning a Max My Customers Marketing Business? Earn more money and spend more time with your family.

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