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Imagine owning a business that was so “crazy” profitable
over just a few months
, that you were afforded the rest of the
year to travel, spend time with family or focus on other endeavors.

Founders Matt and Yvette Barker had this same thought, many years ago, and began working on a family-friendly, wholesome business that allowed them this freedom. Totally Nutz was born and after years of hard-work, sweat and tears, the Barker family created a successful and proven business model that is allowing families all across the country to truly enjoy a seemingly impossible work-life balance.

Why Totally Nutz Works

  • Fresh Roasting: All of our nut varieties are all freshly roasted and glazed on location. Depending our your target market you can use various nut varieties. In Hawaii, they fresh roast and glaze the macadamias which is their niche.
  • Quality: We take pride in the quality of the nuts direct and fresh from the growers. Along with simple ingredients; Cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla, all the aromas that will draw the customers to your business.
  • Machinery: Our "Mandelprofi" nut roasting machines are the best and most-reliable on the market world-wide. The machine produces a 5# batch in about 8-10 minutes.
  • Simple operation: The nut roasting machine is simple to operate and with the glazing mix already pre-packaged it's not only convenient but cost effective.
  • Advertising: Not many companies can say that they have built-in advertising. With our fresh-roasting on site as soon as we start to fresh-roast people start to follow their noses!
  • Family-Friendly Model: Totally Nutz is a family-friendly franchise. The franchise allows families to work at a variety of events and venues, in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Not only do Mom and Dad get to generate some serious income, they get to teach their children the value of an honest days work!
  • Vacation Can Be The Norm: Totally Nutz allows Franchisees the opportunity to earn an entire years income over a period of just a few months. This allows our Owners more time to enjoy their lives, and their families.


Totally Nutz owners utilize carts and kiosks to provide our customers with their favorite snack. Whether you want to own one location or build an empire, Totally Nutz has the business model to suit.

Ideal locations for Totally Nutz:

  • Professional sports stadiums
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Convention centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports and train stations

Ideal Franchisee Candidate

  • White-collar background with blue-collar work ethic
  • Family focused. Looking for business they can enjoy running with their children
  • Multi-unit focused. Looking at quickly scaling their business
  • Lifestyle focused. Looking for business that has great economic but also allows for plenty of vacation throughout the year

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