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Koko FitClub corporate offices are located at
300 Ledgewood Place, Suite 200
Rockland, MA 02370

Koko FitClub: The industry’s most exciting fitness franchise

Koko FitClub is the exclusive franchisor of the Koko Smartraining™ System, the most advanced 30-minute strength and cardio training system in the industry.
  • Better than personal training
  • Custom fitness plans designed for each member
  • Fully-guided, total body workouts in just 30 minutes…or less
  • Affordable, all-inclusive membership includes unlimited training sessions
  • No scheduling, members can workout at their convenience
  • Completely customized to each individual’s body and goals
  • Dynamically changes each day for maximum results and no boredom
  • HealthTracks: long-term training programs designed to treat certain chronic health conditions
  • Proven results. More than 31 million calories burned to-date
  • A clean, civilized fitness “oasis”, for men and women.
With Koko FitClub, now everyone can have access to world-class training. Our groundbreaking, patented Smartraining System provides the benefits of professional coaching and exercise guidance, completely customized and personalized to each member.

The system plans out individual year-long exercise plans, then guides members through each daily workout on our state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment, and it saves all their results so they can track their progress on their own personal web page. It’s highly effective and super efficient. Each workout is just 30 minutes or less, so Koko fits into even the busiest person’s life.

Even more, our technology makes owning and operating Koko FitClubs as affordable and simple for owners as it is for members.

There’s truly nothing else like Koko FitClub. Discover for yourself the 30-minute fitness sensation that thousands of busy men and women have already fallen in love with.

Here's what the industry has to say about Koko FitClub
  • "The next BIG thing in fitness." — Club Business International
  • "What the fitness industry needs." — BusinessWeek
  • "The future of exercise is here!" — Los Angeles Times
  • "Koko tailors your workout for you so you make the best gains possible for the time you spend at the gym." — Newsweek
  • "There's nothing like it." — Boston Globe

What separates Koko FitClub from all other fitness franchises?

Becoming a Koko FitClub owner puts you at the
forefront of the booming multi-billion dollar health and fitness industry.

Fitness is a “feel good” industry that only promises to grow as more and more people turn to exercise to improve the quality and longevity of their lives. You can feel proud knowing that you are helping your community take steps towards a healthier lifestyle. But you’ll feel even better knowing you are doing so with a significant edge over any other fitness club around.

A truly competitive advantage - The Koko Smartraining™ System

Koko FitClub is the exclusive franchisor of the Koko Smartraining™ System, the most advanced 30-minute strength and cardio training system and equipment in the industry. It’s the only automated training system of its kind…and you can only find it at Koko FitClub. Our award-winning, patented Smartraining System technology has earned such honors as the Nova7 Award for Outstanding Innovation in Websites and New Technology.

Not just another run-of-the-mill “gym”
  • Koko is more than just a place to work out: it’s a whole new way to exercise that is redefining the fitness industry. Koko gives members a way to include long-term fitness plans into their life. A plan that is efficient, simple to follow, efficient and enjoyable.

  • Most health clubs have the same equipment, the same lackluster service, and are fighting for the same members — the 20% of the population who currently belong to a gym. Koko FitClub appeals to the remaining 80% of ex-exercisers, people who are pressed for time and want a SOLUTION…something DIFFERENT, BETTER and MORE CONVENIENT than personal training or a typical gym.
A superior support system

Here’s just some of the ways we help make each Koko FitClub franchise a success:
  • Koko delivers a superior customer experience every day, even when you’re not there. Two of the biggest challenges of any franchise are (1) offering a high-value product to your customers and (2) maintaining consistently high service levels, especially when you are not on site. With the Koko FitClub, that’s not a problem. Koko FitClubs feature the Koko Smartraining System, the most advanced 30-minute exercise guidance system in the industry. Not only is it unique to the Koko FitClub franchise, it’s also self service. Our system provides consistent, world-class exercise instruction, real-time guidance and feedback and powerful results tracking on the web.

  • Koko gives you a big competitive advantage — no imitators. Differentiating yourself from the competition is one of the most challenging components of any business. With Koko FitClub, that’s easy. Every other health club has essentially the same equipment. Only Koko FitClub offers the revolutionary, technologically-advanced, patented Smartraining exercise guidance system and equipment.

  • Koko minimizes management headaches. Koko’s use of technology means you can operate a Koko FitClub with just a single person. Our Smartraining System provides high-level personal training to your member, without having to hire and manage expensive personal trainers. And, with convenient key card access, your members can access your club during off-peak hours without any staff at all. No hiring headaches, no complex staffing requirements. No more worrying.

  • Koko is simple to operate — no purchasing, no inventory management, no seasonality. Once your doors are ready to open, you have all you need to run your business. Zero inventory to manage, zero weekly purchases, and no perishables. And, with annual memberships, your business runs on convenient monthly EFT transactions, providing a predictable revenue stream every single month.

  • Minimal owner time on-site. Koko FitClubs are so simple to operate you can run multiple units with ease, making the business economics all the more lucrative. Ask about multi-unit incentives! And, our proprietary equipment, systems and technology enable you to work a normal business week and have time to live your life. Imagine being home for dinner every night and having your weekends to yourself!

  • Koko is affordable to own and operate
    • Low start up investment. You can start a club for as little as $98,000!
    • Low cost operation. Our unique, sleek studio design requires just 1800 square feet, which means low monthly rent/facility expenses.
Is Koko FitClub right for YOU?

You don't have to be a fitness or technology expert to start your own FitClub. But you DO need enthusiasm and a passion for success!

What you WON’T Need
  • Fitness expertise
  • Health club experience
  • Business ownership experience
  • Franchise ownership experience
What you WILL Need
  • Passion
  • Ambition
  • Sales orientation
  • Desire to help the community
  • Effective networking ability
  • Naturally outgoing, engaging
  • Integrity
Getting started

We have taken great care and pride in building every detail of Koko FitClub to deliver the highest standards of exceptional member service and operational excellence. We are seeking FitClub owners who share our passion for success.

Take the first step to Koko FitClub ownership and complete the Request Information form above. A member of our Koko team will contact you to discuss next steps.

We look forward to learning more about you and together seeing if Koko FitClub is right for you!

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