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Have you ever thought about being a Master Empire Builder? You get a split of the franchise and royalty fee in an exclusively large territory!

The Ultimate Business!
Presented by Master Franchise Specialists LLC

We specialize in the pursuit of Master Franchise opportunities and Area Development packages for our qualified clients. Master Franchise Specialists will utilize our years of franchise experience to guide you through the franchise market. We provide a single point of reference for your franchise business search so you can discover the best franchise opportunities that suit you. Why would you want to attempt contacting multiple Franchisors, when instead, you can utilize Master Franchise Specialists? Remember, our service to you is at no cost or obligation.

Master Franchising is perhaps the best kept secret in franchising and provides the greatest possible return on investment.

With Master Franchising you get:

  • Franchise Fees - When you sell a franchise, you receive a Franchise fee. Most Franchise Fees are between $45,000 to $179,000 and in a typical Master Franchise program; you keep 40 - 50% of the fee.
  • Ongoing Royalties - This is the ultimate income source. Once you help set up the franchises, you receive royalty income or annuity type income for the rest of the life of those Franchises. Imagine receiving 2% - 5% of your Franchisee's volume every month.
  • Products or Additional Services - Often products or additional services needed by the Franchisee's outlet can bring excellent additional income.
  • Real Estate - If real estate is involved with the Franchisee's location, often the master Franchisee can become involved in the development of sites and receive other types of real estate related income.
  • Control of the successful Franchise system in a specific geographic area
  • A proven track record that works
  • Brand name and even a partner in the form of a corporate office
  • Other Master Franchisees to give you valuable support, latest innovations and business expertise when you need it
  • The prestige of owning a Master Franchise and controlling an entire area can give you great satisfaction.
  • Your main job will be to act as a business consultant to your Franchisees and help them succeed in their own business.
  • You will be associated with the elite brand name of the Franchise as the main developer of an area even though it will be your Franchisees investing their money.
Master Franchise Specialists carries the largest inventory of Master Franchise opportunities available anywhere. We provide all the information a potential Franchise owner needs to find the opportunity that fits your goals. We already know most of the safest, strongest and most lucrative opportunities in Franchising today -- a task that can take months for someone outside the industry to research.

Quite simply, we will save you time and money and help avoid potential aggravation!

We help people like you who want to start your own business find one that is the best match for your background and goals.

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