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Healthier4U Vending offers more than just Healthy Vending Machines. We offer a complete franchise style support system for your new business. You own and operate these artfully branded, self-advertising Healthy Vending Machines without territory restrictions or franchise fees. We also provide training for you in Las Vegas Nevada, where you learn to operate and grow your new Healthy Vending Business. Every machine package includes: a selection of locations for you to place your machines, white glove installation of the equipment into the locations, business operations and management training, inventory procurement, remote monitoring and inventory management, and ongoing support from our industry leading experts to ensure your place in the new innovative Healthy Vending Marketplace.

The New H4U ADAII Healthy Vending Machines:

The H4U ADAII Machines are built proprietary for Healthier4U Vending. Our machine quality is unsurpassed in the industry because we use the best in technology and American Manufacturing to get the highest quality Healthy Vending Machine in the industry. We use cutting edge technology to allow our machines to accept credit and debit cards (magnetic or the newer RFID Cards are accepted), Google Wallet, and the new Apple Pay technology. The new ADAII Healthy Vending Machines also utilize remote access technology, allowing for 24-hour online remote access to view sales figures, inventory needs, and maintenance requirements from any web enabled device. By using the newest infrared sensors to detect each vend, Healthier4U Vending Machines can ensure a smooth customer transaction.

Franchise Style Support Including Locations

Healthier4U Vending has revolutionized the industry with their proprietary, in-house Premiere Machine Location Service. Our Premiere Locating Package includes a selection of locations to place your new H4U ADAII Machines. We utilize our significant ongoing relationships with large corporateHealthy Vending Location Specialist accounts including Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotels, the US Military, Power House Gyms, YMCA’s, 24-Hour Fitness, and numerous others, to get premium locations for our H4U Affiliate Network. Our experts work directly with you to create your customized Premiere Package. You will inspect and approve each location before machines get ready to ship. Each machine delivery is installed using our White Glove Installation, where you will inspect and sign off the machine. Every site comes with a 90-Day Trial period to determine the actual suitability of the venue for your new Healthy Vending Machine. Our Premiere Machine Location Service gives you the ability to build your new business to fit your lifestyle. All businesses are about the location and in this business you have experts helping you through this difficult task.

Complete Business Training Package

We Provide You with the Healthy Vending Business Plan, The Training and the Locations, teaching You to Profit in Healthy Vending.

During our extensive 2-Day H4U Healthy Vending Training program in Las Vegas Nevada, we train you to operate and grow your new business. This ground breaking training program once again sets Healthier4U Vending apart from the competition, giving you the tools and knowledge to successfully enter the Healthy Vending Industry with everything you need to operate and succeed. Everything from inventory procurement, basic machine maintenance, remote monitoring, inspecting and developing more locations, to marketing and growing your business into the future is covered during this innovative program. Upon completion of the training program you are ready to join our successful network of H4U Affiliates and begin your journey in this amazing and fun industry.

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